Legendary Japanese tuning house TOP SECRET have laid down the challenge to HKS: “Our GTR is faster and we are coming to Australia to prove it!”


Packing well in excess of 1000 horsepower and a very well sorted chassis Top Secret have made their intention very clear. To ensure they have the best possible shot at the title they have hired Japanese time attack ace Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada to do the driving.


Top Secret have over the years developed a reputation for building extreme high horsepower vehicles and their latest R35 GTR is the culmination of Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagatas many years of tuning experience.


The list of components reads like a JDM fan boy’s ultimate wish list. Starting with full HKS internals the engine was carefully assembled by Top Secret to “full racing spec” with a goal of “over 1000ps with absolute response”. A Trust RX1200 twin turbo kit was added along with a Trust intercooler and induction kit. The transmission is an Upper Program NEKO and the clutch is Ogura with Kansai service providing the LSDs. The suspension is Top Secret’s own TSS-11 prototype kit they have been developing with huge endless 405mm rotors and Endless mono block callipers along with a full carbon Top Secret  aero kit.

“Make no mistake we are coming to win” said Smoky Nagata “HKS can have all the power in the world but you need to get it to the track and that is where we think we have the edge. We may be a small tuning shop but we draw on many years of racing experience and our whole package is very well refined from the aero to the suspension and the engine response. Plus we know that Tarzan really wants to win again so we will put maximum effort in when we come to Australia”

smoky dsport

Make no mistake we are coming to win – Smoky Nagata Photo: D-Sport Magazine USA

“To have such an iconic brand as Top Secret coming this year really spices things up” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “and the fact that they are determined to beat the heavyweights, HKS means that we are in for one hell of a show and the real winner will be the fans!”

HKS vs Top Secret. Taniguchi vs Tarzan.Sounds like there are some old scores to settle here!