Swiss tuning maestro Marco Zoa has confirmed their two car R-Performance team entry from Switzerland for WTAC 2018.
Both cars are presented in the familiar ‘R-Performance Orange livery’ with a radical Honda DC8 Integra set to battle Open Class and equally impressive Civic for Clubsprint Class.
The R-Performance team have a fearsome reputation around European time attack and look certain to bring some strong competition to the table in Sydney in October.
We caught up with Marco as he was busy loading the cars to come to Australia.

WTAC: Hi Marco. Awesome news you will be joining us this year. Tell us about the two cars.

Marco: We have entered two Hondas – the Clubsprint Class Civic and the Open Class Integra. We have built both Hondas in the last 5 months specifically to compete at World Time Attack Challenge. We were interested in both the Open Class and Clubsprint Class so these cars were built to that rulebook. We want to do well this year while getting to know the track for the first time and learning all the things that we need for a hot lap at Sydney Motorsport Park. Both Hondas are actually very similar in regards to their engines. Both run a B18 engine with a Garrett Turbocharger GTX 3076 R Gen II.

WTAC: Can you tell us a little bit more about the driveline and suspension in these cars?

Marco: They both run a very similar set up here too! They both weigh around 1000kg give or take, and both have a Dog Box transmission. We use a push and pull adjustable suspension system from KW and a eight piston brake system on the front wheels. Recently we were able to drive two runs with the Clubsprint Civic at the German Time Attack Masters 2018 to get everything fine tuned. The Integra is still very new, so the plan is to drive a few test laps before the event at SMSP to adjust the balance for the race track. We already booked a track day for that. Both Hondas also feature carbon fiber aerodynamic parts that we developed and built ourselves.

WTAC: So who will be behind the wheel of these machines for World Time Attack Challenge.

Marco: Our drivers for 2018 will be our team driver Hannes and Robert Elasser. Hannes has been a driver for the RPS Team for 10 years and has won a lot of events for the team including being the European Champion in Class Extreme back in 2015. Robert is a recent addition to the team. His big dream has been to have the chance to compete in Sydney at WTAC before his 60th birthday. So we took it upon ourselves to help him fulfill this dream!

WTAC: What sort of power are each of the cars making?

Marco: Both Hondas have about 450hp at the wheels and a really nice performance curve.

WTAC: Your brand specializes in Hondas over in Switzerland. Can you tell us a bit about your shop?

Marco: We have been working exclusively with Hondas for about 20 years. Not only that but for about 20 of those years we have been building time attack Hondas and competing with them.
Our original plan was to bring out K24 EXTREME Integra to compete in Sydney. Towards the end of 2017, we started on a few interesting new time attack builds. Among other things, we built the Clubsprint Civic, the Open Class Integra, a Pocket Rocket Civic and two Honda CRXs. We made the decision to bring the Civic and Integra instead and we believe it was the right decision for the WTAC 2018.

WTAC: What do you think about the competition at WTAC from what you have seen?

Marco:  I believe the competitors will be very strong. Especially the Hondas using the K24 Turbo. But we have also seen other very fast vehicles of many other manufacturers. We are really looking forward to some good competition.

WTAC: Thanks Marco, we cant wait to see you guys in Australia in October.

Marco: We are all looking forward to it!

With the European contingent set to be bigger in 2018 than any previous WTAC, we may see some upsets. Watch this space as there are still plenty of big announcements coming soon!