There is no question of his determination. Under Suzuki has been to every single WTAC since 2011 and has even landed on the Pro Class podium several times. But his ultimate dream is not complete yet. His dream is to win outright in the Pro Class and to be “the fastest in the world”. It’s a dream he seems seriously intent on fulfilling. Working as a pharmacist by day at his family business in Japan he spends almost every night in the corner of the Scorch Racing workshop building new parts and figuring out ways to take any small fraction of a second from his lap time. He does everything himself from the carbon fibre work to building the engine to any other job that needs doing on the car.

This is why he is such an inspiration to fans worldwide. A truly self built car by a self taught mechanic that travels to a foreign land to take on the fastest in the world while insisting on competing in Pro Class against Pro drivers. This is despite being eligible for Pro Am where he would have absolutely dominated. It truly is a story worth remembering. In 2017 he is stepping up to the plate once again with a much more aggressive and well sorted package. We caught up with him as he was busy finishing last minute preparations before loading for Australia.

“This year I am giving it my everything” said Suzuki ” We are certainly better prepared than ever before. I now have a spare billet engine, a spare Holinger and a many other spare parts going in the container to Australia. But most importantly we seem to have a more reliable car so hopefully we will not be needing them. I also have the latest MoTeC system with full data logging so we are able to accurately make changes and know where things. No more guessing like we did in the past. The data showed that my fastest lap of 1.23 13 was a long way from a perfect lap. Even with no changes to the car last year if I was able to get the driving down perfectly we could have maybe caught MCA.”

“But the problem is every year everyone gets faster so it is no good just coming back with what was good enough last year as you will lose. So we have had to make some changes. We need to step up. So we have now upgraded the turbocharger to the latest design GCG Garrett GTX 3584 RS which shows quite an improvement over the usable range over the previous turbocharger.”

“We will also be using Nitrous Oxide for the first time. It will really only be used on the straights to give the extra top speed and should be worth a few tenths of a second. We have also upgraded the transmission to paddle shift which will make it a lot easier for me to drive. I have been spending a lot of time on my friend Max Orido’s driving simulator driving the Sydney Motorsport circuit and Max has been coaching me. He is a very experienced driver. I am doing my absolute maximum effort this year to win and I always look forward to seeing all my friends and fans in Australia. See you all in October!”

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