Take a step back in time and revisit an era when turbocharged race cars ruled the world with Motorsport Legends! This is a unique opportunity to see the cars that shaped the history of Australian and global motorsport back in the 70s, 80s and the 90s. Far from being extinct, these fire-breathing monsters are alive and well and just have to be seen in a full flight to be appreciated!


Motorsport Legends is one of the most popular displays at WTAC. The cars hit the track during the lunch break for a 10 minute session and their drivers have been told not to take it easy! For the rest of the event, the cars will be on display on the dummy grid with their owners more than happy to tell you all about them.


What started as the Legends of the Turbo Era has now grown into a “Legends of all kinds” with many very famous naturally aspirated cars from the past joining the fold.


Every year we invite new and interesting cars to take part in Motorsport Legends and this year is now different. We’ll have some new comers that are sure to excite many retro motorsport fans!


Add to it our usual runners that make the pilgramage out every year and you’ve got a pretty impressive line up at this year’s Motorsport Legends.


The Motorsport Legends will be on display in the dummy grid area and on track during the Midday Mayhem which takes place between 12pm – 1pm on Friday and Saturday.