What you are looking at here is without question one of the most hardcore R33 GTR time attack cars on the planet. The World’s Best Technology (WBT) GTR was built with only one goal in mind and with almost no compromise, and that is to win the Open Class at the 2017 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in October. What started as a ‘track day car’ project back in 2012 progressively turned into an absolute monster with a full aero redesign, a 950+ hp RB28, a sequential Albins transmission and an ex-V8 Supercar driver handling the wheel work.

And when we say serious build we mean it! Starting with a Nitto 2.8L stroker kit the entire rotating assembly was fully blueprinted and the engine dry sumped using a Hi Octane Racing dry sump kit. The head was radically reworked to include a ‘shimless setup’, Tomei camshafts, Supertech valves and a CNC port job. The Precision 68-70 turbo sits on a 6-boost pro-mod manifold with Turbosmart wastegate and a Hypertune 6 throttle inlet manifold. A Haltech Elite 2500 ECU controls the insane amounts of E85 that this engine burns in a single lap. An Xtreme carbon fibre clutch feeds close to 1000hp to an Albins 6 speed sequential trans and Cusco and OS Giken LSDs.


“What got us into this several years ago was I was working around the corner from Hi Octane Racing where I met Kyle Major who has basically rebuilt this car with me a number of times over as we started in Clubsprint Class with me driving and it has progressed from there. We are now entered in Open Class and after many late nights and a not insignificant investment we certainly think we have an extremely competitive car for this class . Last year we had we finished the aero days before the event with zero test time and still managed a 1.32 with numerous issues throughout the event preventing us getting a solid lap in with full power. We are bringing our A game this year and have our sights set on taking home the big trophy in the Open Class. That is the plan” – Gerard Maggs

Gerard was initially an aero skeptic until he had a meeting with Andrew Brilliant. “It’s made a huge difference. I had AMB aero design everything with CFD then Evolution Motorsports do all the fabricating of the aero parts. It definitely took many, many seconds off the time. It is certainly worth every cent. It is not a cheap exercise but you can almost guarantee the winning car will be aero optimised. If you don’t you are simply at a severe disadvantage even in a aero restricted class such as Open Class “

And for the driving duties ex V8 Supercar driver Steven Johnson will be slipping on the helmet. Steven is son of Dick Johnson co -owner of DJR/Penske V8 team. You know that team? The one that is winning everything right now? Yep that one!


“One of the greatest things about the Time Attack thing is the amount of time and effort that I have been spending on this car! I reckon we are talking 500 hours of just cutting panels, Kyle making me do this and that, engine out, engine in, gearbox out gearbox in… It’s sent me a bit mad, but I love it!”

So without a doubt 2017 WTAC will see the most competitive field ever across all classes.

As you can see EVERYONE continues to move it up a notch and this is certainly one car that will be very hard to beat in Open Class but we do suspect these guys are not the only ones bringing their A Game!! It is GAME ON this year that is for sure!!!

Tickets go on sale 1st June