In the Superlap Shootout Tim Slade didn’t quite get to the stunning 1m20.971s time he set earlier in the Nissan Silvia S13, but he was still the fastest in the Royal Purple Pro, and overall. He finished ahead of Under Suzuki who did set his best time in the Silvia S15. However, the Japanese driver finished third overall behind Porsche 968 driver Bart Mawer who withdrew earlier with a driveline failure.

Armed with new tyres for the Motul Pro Am Class Superlap Shootout, Rob Nguyen who had been fastest all day, went even quicker with a 1m26.276s flyer. A personal best for William Au-Yeung (Honda Civic) couldn’t lift him above second spot while Finland’s Sami Sivonen maintained third in his Audi R8.

Adam Casmiri (Honda Civic) went into the Link Open Class Superlap Shootout at the top of the time sheets and despite falling fractionally short timewise, still maintained the top slot. Nathan Morcom (Mitsubishi EVO 9) tried to retrieve the position he held throughout day one but finished second while Matt Longhurst (Nissan R34 GTR) finished just 0.15s in arrears. He too couldn’t better the time he set earlier.

Unlike the individual laps, the five in the V-Sport Clubsprint Superlap Shootout were all on track together. None could better times set earlier which didn’t bother winner Jordan Cox (Mitsubishi EVO 9) who won by a very comfortable 2.52s over Benny Tran (Honda S2000) while third went to Ben Arnold in his Nissan Skyline GTR R32.

1st – Tim Slade (MCA Suspension Nissan S13) 1:20.9710

2nd – Barton Mawer (RP968 Porsche 968) 1:21.4850

3rd – Tomohiko Under Suzuki (Scorch Racing Nissan Silvia) 1:21.7960

4th – Andy Forrest (Team Scotland AFP Subaru WRX) 1:26.9520

5th – Yoshiki “Fire” Ando (Vivac Mitsubishi Evo 9) 1:27.3200


1st – Robert Nguyen (101 Motorsport Honda CRX) 1:26.2760

2nd – William Au-Yeung (Vibrant Performance Honda Civic) 1:28.4730

3rd – Sami Sivonen (Audi R8 1:1 ) 1:29.1900

4th – Jason Wright (Autotech Engineering Subaru WRX STi) 1:31.2100

5th – Jarrod Scott (Got It Rex Subaru WRX) 1:37.3140


1st –  Adam Casmiri (Hardrace Honda Civic) 1:27.5620

2nd –  Nathan Morcom (Global Aircraft Services Mitsubishi Evo 9) 1:28.3010

3rd – Matt Longhurst (Intergrated Motorsport Nissan R34 GTR) 1:28.4500


4th –  Nick Ashwin (NA Autosport Mitsubishi Evo 6) 1:29.1400

5th – Garth Walden (Team 666 NZ Mitsubishi Evo 9) 1:29.7310


1st –  Jordan Cox (Team Raptor Mitsubishi Evo 9) 1:36.8390

2nd – Benny Tran (BYP Racing Honda S2000) 1:39.3540


3rd – Ben Arnold (Arnolds Fruit Market Nissan GTR R33) 1:39.5570


4th – Andrew Wegener (Lone Wolf Racing Honda S2000) 1:39.5980

5th – Roger Arnold (Arnolds Fruit Market Nissan GTR R32) 1:40.2830