If you’re a motorsport head in Australia and you like expensive European cars then there’s a 99.99% chance that you know who Adelaide businessman Kevin Weeks is. Having raced GT, tarmac and whatever else he can take part in, Kevin is competitive and his team says that he’s always in it to win it. Having started his racing career a bit later that he would have liked to in 1988, he didn’t waste time winning the 1991 Australian Super 200 Kart championship, followed by the 1992 Australian Formula 2 championship. Kevin then went on to try his hand at tarmac rally and to date has won the Rally Tasmania, Targa West, Lake Mountain Sprint and closer to home, the Classic Adelaide Rally outright four times! During these he also set quite a lot of course records.

After this Kevin was a bit over tarmac rally due to the fact the course speeds were getting faster and faster and doing that between trees meant that quite often things would get a little hairy. He was looking for a new challenge decided to take up a spot in the Australian GT Championship racing an American Ford GT (the new GT40) and a Lamborghini Superleggera GT3 cup car. The Ford unfortunately took a hard hit from another competitor on the final lap of a GT race at Eastern Creek and ended up a looking a bit second hand, so Kevin went on to compete in the Lamborghini.

Following this a newer 2007 model Gallardo was developed for hill climb and other short events, so having access to a pair of very talented lads by the name of Simon Wenzel and Brad Greenslade meant that things quickly progressed further than Kevin first thought. You see both Simon and Brad had been planting the seed to turbocharge the car. Simon reckons that Kevin was never opposed to the idea, so they just started doing it. The initial setup was finished up at the 11th hour after some very late nights leading up to the well known SA Mt Alma hilllclimb event. Making around 800rwhp on a soft tune, Kevin’s first drive of the car was during a road tune with Brad to do a few last minute check. On their return Simon says that Kevin had a huge smile on his face saying that it was easily the fastest car he’s ever driven. The car performed well and went back again for a second shot in 2016 along with competing in number of other hillclimb events interstate.

Along the way a few engine dramas were encountered, one being a major engine failure causing a large hole to be punched through the side of the block. Now with further development the lads feel that they’re on the right track with the engine after making a few necessary changes to the dry sump system and enhancing the engine in the right areas. With Brad managing the build of the replacement 5.0L V10 engine, he had a set of custom 10:1 ratio CP pistons and Crower titanium conrods custom made. The OEM crankshaft was heavily modified to combat some balancing issues and the block was machined to fit a set of nodular iron sleeves. On top the heads were developed and CNC ported in-house before being fitted with PAC valve springs, titanium retainers, copper seats and custom camshafts.

Although having changed here and there since the original setup, the turbo is a Garrett GTX4202R boosting through a modified Garrett water to air intercooler. The boost is controlled by a pair of Tial wastegates and flows out the back via a main 4-inch exhaust and gate pipes which were all custom fabricated by Brad out of titanium. A Tial blow-off-valve helps to avoid turbo stall. Injection wise, a custom Fuel Safe bladder type fuel cell holds the Elf Turbo EVO fuel which is pushed to the front via a pair of Bosch 044 pumps. Pressure is regulated by a Kinsler regulator and delivered via a set of Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors.

A MoTeC M150 GPR-P ECU, runs in conjunction with an LTC using an NKT sensor. Power is delivered by a MoTeC PDM power distribution system and all of the info is displayed via a MoTeC C187 colour dash. All of this was wired up by GR Motorsport Electrics and tuned by Brad. Previously the car made 1020rwhp running 13.8psi with a custom in-house designed 3D printed inlet manifold, but unfortunately this manifold was damaged when the last engine let go so they’ve reverted to the factory one and now it makes 1044rwhp on 18.5psi at 7,500rpm.

Behind this now 1000+rwhp V10 is a Hollinger sequential straight-cut dog box which sits in the factory Lamborghini housing. This is fronted by a custom in-house designed chromoloy flywheel which bolts up to a custom built Tilton triple plate carbon clutch. Gears are shifted with ease thanks to a Shiftec pneumatic shift block and the MoTeC which takes care of the auto blip. Both the front and rear differentials have been modified, along with the centre diff and believe it or not, it all still runs through the OEM axles.

Underneath the car a set of Supashock dampers work in conjunction with Eibach springs. Braking is taken care of by 6-piston AP callipers on 360mm discs at the front and 4-piston Brembo callipers on 320mm discs at the rear. Both run Project Mu pads which bite hard thanks to an AP Racing pedal box. The wheels are a set of ex Porsche Racing 18 x 12-inch rims adapted to suit and are easily changed thanks to a Krontec four-corner air jack system which mounts to the CAMS spec in-house built roll cage.

On the outside the aero consists of a Reiter Engineering GT3 rear wing and wide front guards combined with a lot of in-house aero which is constantly being developed by Simon. Initially adding air escape vents to the Reiter guards, Simon went on to build both front and rear splitters, a full flat floor out of carbon honeycomb sheeting and has recently been working on carbon roof fences which are something used by hillclimb cars overseas in an attempt to channel air towards the rear wing.

Simon says that the aero is a work in progress and that the cars really is still mostly setup for tarmac rally, so the more they get out to test the better because they’re happy with the horsepower, but feel that there’s a lot more to be gained in the balance and aero areas. Driver wise, Kevin is fast around Sydney Motorsport Park, so he’ll be aiming to put down some very fast laps in the ProAm class at WTAC.

For more info on Kevin and the Lamborghini, head to the Supaloc Racing Facebook page, www.facebook.com/supalocracing