What is it about Nissan Skylines and Yokohama tyres? Since the Group A Nissan GTRs conquered Australian Touring Car racing in the 1990s, Yokohama Tyre Australia has had a soft spot for them, as you’ll see by the list of local competitors sponsored.

Yokohama Australia doesn’t waste money by throwing it at the big budget cars or the rock stars. Their approach is to help passionate amateur competitors punch above their weight in local, national and sometimes even international competitions.

After all, the lion’s share of Yokohama’s sponsorship budget is put into making World Time Attack Challenge happen in the first place and the fact is that without their support, both in Japan and Australia there would be NO World Time Attack Challenge. It’s that simple

ADVAN Pro Class

ADVAN Nissan R34 GTR

Mark Berry’s ADVAN/ Hi Octane Racing Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Recently Mark went around Queensland Raceway in a record-breaking time of 0:51.463 on an old set of 265/35R18 ADVAN A050 soft compound tyres.

The black and red GTR has some serious aero and is now pumping out 540 kilowatts at the ADVAN wheels. Winding up the boost in an effort to win the ADVAN Pro Class could see 600 kilowatts. How long will the head gasket cope with that remains to be seen?

Open Class

ADVAN Nissan R32 GTR

Mark Berry’s ADVAN /Hi Octane RacingNissan Skyline R32 GTR

Russell Newman normally drives the ADVAN Hi Octane R32 GTR. This year Mark will drive it to get some more seat time. He’s been driving this car for years and is comfortable with it at ten tenths. Instead of bogging down in the theoretical aero science the other Open Class competitors are obsessed with, the R32 is bringing brute strength to the table. The angry RB26 with it’s big single turbo is pumping out 480 kilowatts and quick shifting is guaranteed with the sequential Holinger six speed box.

Adam Newton’s Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T

Adam Newton can certainly steer a car. If you saw his BMW 135i street car going through turn 1 at Eastern Creek in opposite lock on its ADVAN Neovas in Clubsprint class last year there’s no doubt you’d agree. He has years of drifting and Targa Tasmania success under his belt too.


Adam converted “Big Red” his Nissan R32 GTS-T with its brutal power and rear drive configuration from a show car into a drift car, and then into a circuit car. Earlier this year he employed the services of Andrew Brilliant to develop some aero for the car. “Big Red” now sports a big black front splitter and guards hiding a serious aero design. Does it work? Yeah! The car now pulls 1.6 G corners at Phillip Island resulting in a 14 second drop in lap time. Yes fourteen seconds with the car 100 kilowatts down on power.

Big Red Nissan R32 GTST

The aero has caused some engine overheating problems that are hastily being sorted before Yokohama World Time Attack. Adam has decided to build a whole new engine in just 6 days before the event.

The car is running on Medium compound 295/30R18 ADVAN A050s from Traction Tyres and More Rowville. Suspension is Tein from Fulcrum Suspensions and the car is build by Race Pace in Melbourne.

Adam says building the car has been an epic experience. If all the last minute preparations come together this car and driver combination will be epic at Yokohama World Time Attack.

Russell ADVAN R32 GTST Ft

Russell Cunningham Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T

Russell was one of the first people in Australia to score a set of ADVAN rims after winning the Cancer Council Charity Raffle at Superlap 2009. Russell and his mates have built an R32 GTS-T that’s way faster than it should be. Russell races on a tight budget and vault loads of passion.

The stock block RB25DET puts out 325rwkW. Fulcrum provides the suspension and Russell rolls on 295/30/18 Yokohama ADVAN A050 semi-slicks.


Russell tested some aero additions at Phillip Island recently. In the second session he smashed his PB even though he had to lift off on the main straight to avoid getting black flagged for exceeding the noise limits. Unfortunately the engine was suffering a fair bit of “blow-by” and filling the oil catch can. Soon after the car suffered a suspected hole in the piston around turn 1.

Russell and his mates are madly building a new motor for Yokohama World Time Attack 2012.

Clubsprint Class

John Richardson Nissan R33 GTST

John Richardson Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T

John Richardson loves track days and focuses on his driving. He’s been responsible for torture testing ADVAN Neova AD08s. His lap times are; Winton 1.38.4, Sandown 1.24.0and Phillip Island 1.48.9.

His Nissan R33 GTS-T road car (Yes the one with flames coming out the exhaust) was producing about 210 kilowatts. In preparation for World Time Attack it now makes 260 kilowatts tuned on E85

Other modifications include: Hypergear 21U hi-flow @ 14PSI, Greddy type-s 8/6, Cusco front camber and castor, Ksport 330mm brakes, Nismo Diff, 850cc Blitz Injectors, Z32 AFM, BEE*R Rear Wing and additional aero in a 2mm Alloy Front Splitter.

Remarkably John has done 13 track days along with street driving on his 255/40R17 ADVAN Neovas AD08s and they’re still doing respectable times and there’s still some tread left.

John is a World Time Attack and Eastern Creek virgin. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs north of the border.

Shane Wall Traction Tyres and More

Yokohama ADVAN motorsport tyre expert Shane Wall from Traction Tyres and More in Rowville is one of the most knowledgeable race tyre technicians in Australia. He has helped Adam, Russell and John with their setups.