What have we updated for 2018?

Every year we revise our technical regulations in keeping with changes in vehicle development and also continually revising our safety aspects. The 2018 revision of the WTAC Technical Regulations has several changes in all classes.

These changes include freeing up some suspension restrictions and also allowance of paddle shifting in Open Class and the use of “extra springs” Pro Classes to allow for aero compensation.

We have also moved the aero parameters in Open and Pro Classes to a “Box definition” style meaning the “aero must fit inside this box”.

This is simply to make it both easier to understand and interpret for the teams and much easier to ensure compliance from a scrutineering side.

You will find we went to a fair amount of trouble to not exclude any existing competitors and the aero allowance is actually more generous than previous in most cases. We have also given greater clarification on many details. 

Please make sure you download and read the entire 2018 WTAC Technical Regulations and note ALL the changes will be marked in red.

Supplementary Regulations

There will be no further changes to the technical regulations before October 2018 however we will post an “updated version” with our Supplementary Regulations closer to the event.

So, in short get your cars ready, 2018 WTAC is going to be the best one yet!

Technical Director

For any questions about the Technical Regulations or any questions regarding the legality of modifications to your vehicle you can contact WTAC Technical Director Steve Stanley:
Email: technical@worldtimeattack.com
Phone: +61 412 410 097

2018 Technical Regulations:

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arrow  2018 WTAC Technical Regulations Open Class
arrow  2018 WTAC Technical Regulations Pro Am Class
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