Easily the biggest story to come out of the New Zealand drift scene in the past 12 months,  World Time Attack Challenge are pleased to announce that  Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse and the RTR Spec 5-D Mustang will be landing on Australian soil for this years Honeywell Garrett International Drifting Cup.

Fanga Dan is well known to our audience, having been to Sydney Motorsport Park before and putting on a show of car control that has always left people thinking “that car shouldn’t be able to do that”.  This is a man with vast international experience and 2 New Zealand titles to his name, and there isn’t anyone on the planet he is afraid to get right up on the door of. 

Now behind the wheel of a purpose built competition only weapon, the RTR Mustang is something that truly needs to be both seen and heard to be appreciated.  This particular example has a former owner by the name of Vaughn Gitten Jr who knows how to prepare a car for title winning performances out of the Ready to Rock stable in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the hands of Woolhouse and his team since February of 2018, Fanga says the car has been a steep learning curve. That’s a big statement from a guy who has prided himself on building cars that challenge his abilities as a driver over the years, and that’s without even getting into the mechanics of driving from the opposite side of the car from what you and I do day to day. If you’ve ever driven in the USA, you’ll have an appreciation of just what that is like, let alone trying to do it millimetres off someone else’s door in a cloud of tire smoke.

Powered by a Roush-Yates engine, the car is capable of over 900hp with more torque than a ladies night out, it the cars unique body language that it is best known for. The signature ‘3 Wheelin’ is its trademark as it sits on full lock with its nose and a front wheel in the air on the gas, something that is bound to be spectacular on the final corners of the SMSP drift section.  It’s impossible to list the full spec on this car as it would simply read everything. The car will be on display during the day, and the longer you look the more you notice the little details that make this level of build special.

Woolhouse says “Words can’t describe the motion of this beast , I’m learning something new every time I get behind the wheel and I’m excited to get back to Sydney and battle with some fresh blood!”

Dan Woolhouse is supported by Century Yuasa Batteries, X-Force Exhaust and Castrol Edge.

Click here to see the full specs on the  Ford Mustang  RTR Spec 5-D