A new face to the Honeywell Garrett International Drifting Cup this year is one of the nice guys of the sport in New Zealand, Hamilton’s own big friendly giant Jase Brown, who will arrive having just completed a breakout season in D1NZ. Brown and his team are unmissable at events and have been recognised by receiving both the best presented car and smoke machine awards in the recent D1NZ season.

Piloting an S14 affectionately known as 07 Frankenstein, Brown and wife Nikki along with their team have set about crafting a vehicle that both turns heads and provides a unique but still competitive platform. This car is ticks both the go and show boxes with a host of Show and Shine trophies to go along with the numerous bits of smashed fibre glass from regular track days.  Jase is promising a new look for the car for it’s international debut which will be applied over the rocket bunny kit by none other than Mrs Brown out of their headquarters in the Waikato.

Sporting a dry sumped 1UZFE with a blower strapped to the top of it, it has taken a fair bit of R & D and testing to get the car to behave, but results are now starting to come, with a unique sound that is a pleasure to hear over the top of screaming tires.  One of the questions often asked is around weight distribution with the chassis & engine combo, which the team tell us is pretty much bang on 50/50 thanks to moving the engine back in the engine bay.  Another notable feature of the car is the seating position, Jase near sits in the back seat of the car which he assures us aides the weight distribution, although I suspect it’s more a case of being too tall to fit any other way! 

Jase Brown is one of those drivers who has honed his craft through the pro-sport development ranks and seems to get better and better as he gains more battle experience with top drivers and if he gets half a chance will give the top dogs a real scare and rise to the occasion. He says “We are super stoked to make the cut to drive at such an awesome globally recognised event! Thank you to everyone who has rooted for us and pushed us, this is an amazing opportunity.“

You can keep up to date with Jase and the team via their active presence on Facebook, and you can be sure that they will welcome you into their pit bay with a smile come October at Sydney Motorsport Park.