Japanese tuning powerhouse HKS have confirmed they will be shipping their insane 800+ps Drift Toyota 86 known as the “RACING PERFORMER RS-3” and current GT300 champion Nob Taniguchi will be flying in to pilot it.

Without question NOB is one of the true drifting OGs and was in fact the first ever D1 champion with HKS way back in 2001. This will be the first time ever to see Taniguchi compete in a factory HKS drift car outside of Japan. And this will be the first and possibly the ONLY time you will ever see this car compete as it does not comply with neither FD or D1 regulations. It was built as a co lab between HKS and Daigo Saito’s Fat Five Racing as an absolute no compromise promotional vehicle showcasing both companies skills. 

And the car is certainly one proper piece of kit too, with a 3.4 litre stroker 2JZ backed by a G Force transmission this car draws on years of HKS competition experience and will almost certainly throw a cat amongst the pigeons on the high speed Sydney Motorsport Park North Circuit.

“We are very excited to bring the HKS Racing Performer RS-3 to Australia to compete in the International Drifting Cup” said HKS Spokesman Kentaro Saito “HKS has a long history in the sport of drift with Taniguchi-san and this car represents the pinnacle of that. We are proud to represent HKS, Japan and our partners including Yokohama tyre”



“This will be a dream come true for many a drift fan” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “with Nob being one of the true original guys from D1GP and seeing him in the real HKS car with the iconic livery is just the icing on the cake. And what is even better, this is only one of the cars Nob will be driving this year, just wait until we show you the other one!”



To read more about the HKS Racing Performer RS 3 click here 

So with a bevy of international drivers still to announce the International Drifting Cup is set to be the biggest drift event ever in the Southern Hemisphere and possibly the world. You don’t want to miss out, get your tickets today!