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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Running Amuck at WTAC 2024 with Mukka Motorsport 6-Rotor RX7

Running amuck - Definition:“ to behave without control in a wild or dangerous manner”  

Or.. as the Kiwis would say, “just SEND IT!”, and that is exactly what Benji Sneddon and the Mukka Motorsport team are coming to do with their crazy ground up build 6 rotor RX7!  Yes you read that right, 6 rotors of screaming P.P.R.E monster are headed the way of Sydney Motorsport Park to tear up ear drums and tires. 

Owner/driver Benji is a bit of a serial toy collector with an 8 second drag car and a methanol breathing fire belching dirt track saloon, but this creation is a real stand out with the attention to detail from the build crew being second to none. Benji wanted to go exhibition drifting like no one else on the planet and this wild machine certainly turns heads wherever it goes. 

The chassis is the work of HSP out of Palmerston North, with custom pretty much everything and no safety aspect skipped, fabricator/ builder William Humphries is one of NZs top superstock drivers and spends his summer nights hitting people in a 1500kg 500hp steel cage for fun. If you haven’t seen this before, look up super stock teams champs. 

Do we need to tell you about PPRE?  Not really, but if you’ve live under a rock then you might not know that they create some of the best rotary engines on the planet and have been at World Time Attack Challenge turning heads in past with a number of builds.  Gareth and the whole team live and breathe Rotor and their engines can be found around the world.  Look it up, you can order a quad rotor off the shopping cart.  The boys will no doubt have the tune perfected and set up for a show once the sun goes down. 

So what exactly will the 6 rotor be doing at World Time Attack? Well that is for you to find out over the 2 days, but we can promise that you will see it and  you will definitely hear it as it screams down the front straight….  Drift? Flying 500? Time Attack?  Maybe option D: all of the above?  What we know from our Kiwi mates is that when this thing starts up, crowds come running. 

No matter what, at World Time Attack you can guarantee that where Mukka Motorsport is involved… all 6 rotors will be well and truly sent. 



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