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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Drift McLaren unleashed at 2024 World Time Attack Challenge

Get ready for sideways supercar action at World Time Attack Sydney this year! WTAC are proud to present Hirokazu 'Arios' Suzuki and his world-first McLaren MP4-12C GT3 drift machine all the way from Japan!

This isn't your typical McLaren. Suzuki, famous for pushing boundaries with his drift-spec Ferrari 360 in 2013, has taken on another unexpected platform. The MP4-12C, known for its sleek design and track prowess, has been adapted to drift life under the guidance and assistance of legend and WTAC fan favourite, Daigo Saito.

Expect Fat Five racing parts all over this exotic, with angle kits and suspension tweaks allowing the GT3 to adapt to the demands of Suzuki's high-speed low-traction shenanigans.

Arios has a history of pushing the boundaries with his exotic drift builds. His drifting Ferrari 360 back in 2013 helped pave the way for the current trend of high-powered, sideways supercars. The MP4-12C could push the boundaries even further, showcasing the potential of these exotic machines in a whole new light.

For fans of drifting and supercars, this is a dream combination. The 2024 Yokohama World Time Attack Sydney will be the stage for witnessing a true engineering marvel take on the challenge of drifting. Get your tickets now for our biggest event yet. More action, more attractions, and much more to announce so stay tuned!



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