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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Feras Qartoumy's Twin-Turbo Corvette Poised for Redemption at WTAC

Feras Qartoumy has unfinished business with the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) and Sydney Motorsport Park. Despite a history-making Plazmaman Pro-Am class win in 2023, Qartoumy feels his monstrous twin-turbo Corvette has much more potential to unleash.

"The car is capable of a lot more than the [1:27.016] lap time we set last year," Qartoumy says, hinting at the untapped power within the machine. Determined to showcase its true potential, he plans for an early arrival in Sydney to dial in the car before the competition heats up.

On a recent trip to the legendary Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, Qartoumy pushed the Corvette to its limits, achieving a phenomenal 51.321 lap which earned him a top 3 attack placing at the circuit, and the outright win at the February Attack event. This success story at Tsukuba has served as a major confidence booster for Qartoumy, solidifying his goal that the Corvette can dominate in Plazmaman Pro-Am class again at WTAC.

However, the road to WTAC 2023 victory wasn't all smooth sailing. The Corvette battled gremlins throughout the event, hindering its performance. Intercooler issues plagued the car, resulting in a dramatic loss of power. Transmission woes also surfaced, adding to the frustration.

"Every single lap I had on day two, something happened either to the car, or on track, that just stunted the entire session," Qartoumy recalls, "I need to come back for more seat time and to show what the Corvette is really capable of."

Thankfully, the problems from 2023 are now a thing of the past. Feras has meticulously addressed each issue, paving a clear path for success, evidenced by his strong showing in Japan. With a reliable car and a burning desire to conquer Sydney Motorsport Park, Feras Qartoumy's return to WTAC promises to be a thrilling spectacle. 

Can he push his Corvette to its limits and rewrite the record books at Sydney Motorsport Park? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: Feras is coming back stronger, hungrier, and ready to dominate, fueled by the car's proven potential on another iconic track.

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