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World Time Attack Challenge
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Apparently Mighty Mouse pulled the covers off..... Cracked a Corona... And said .... LETS DO THIS!!!

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Another GTR getting ready for World Time Attack Challenge 2015 😊🏁

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Jason Wright
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See the HULK on channel 10 in the 2015 Car Torque series. Teaser filmed last night at Autotech Engineering and second day of track testing filmed today. Got some choice wet wether mayhem on film today. Please like and share people, let's show these mainstream TV dudes the strength of the Subaru and Time Attack Community. World Time Attack Challenge, Ian Baker, Process West, Haltech ECU, Bullet Cylinder Heads, Autotech Engineering, Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions, Samsonas Motorsport Transmissions AU, RA Motorsport Developments, Noah Levy, NSW Time Attack, SubiNats, Mike Warfield,

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The sound of a thousand horses! World's fastest Subaru in the making. #cartorque

Length: 0:15

World Time Attack Challenge
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There is something seriously cool about a "stretched" Lotus Exige that is fitted with a twin turbo 427 LS7 Chevrolet engine.
If you live in the US and you have around $1.3million burning a hole in your pocket you can buy one from Hennessy Supercars in Texas....
Tell them you want the VENOM GT!!
How fast is it?
Well in February 2014 they took it to the Kennedy Space centre and recorded a one way pass of 270.49 mph (435.31 km/h) on the 3.2 mile runway!!! It also does zero to 300km/h in 13.63 seconds making it by far the fastest accelerating production car on the planet!!! YEEE HAH!!!

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World Time Attack Challenge
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When our operations manager Renato Loberto is not running the show at WTAC he is normally belting around a racetrack in a Ferrari somewhere in the world... This time Phillip Island testing for the Bathurst 12 hour with the Viscous Rumor team...

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Diary of a test driver II - Ferrari 458 GT3

Diario di un Collaudatore II (translation: Diary of a test driver II) A day of testing the Ferrari 458 GT3 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, in Melbourne...

World Time Attack Challenge
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Hi Octane Racing is having a garage sale and as well as a stack of cheap go fast parts for your car.. They have TONS OF WTAC merchandise they are running out the door from $5!!! Save the date SATURDAY the 7th March.... Loads of parking and BBQ lunch... GRAB A BARGAIN!!!!!

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World Time Attack Challenge
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World Time Attack Challenge shared Voltex's photo.

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Yesterday was the HKS Premium Day at Fuji Speedway where we continued in our capacity as aerodynamics parts supplier for the Top Fuel S2000.

Our duties at VOLTEX were to install the various aero-parts after transportation and to perform an inspection on the various pieces.

My personal goal for the Top Fuel S2000 was to continue the refinement of the aerodynamic center of gravity (CoP) using previous data gathered from WTAC in 2014. There has been a continuous evolution aerodynamically.

The Top Fuel S2000 finished the day off in first place posting a final time of 1'39'131 Unfortunately due to an exhaust issue, breaking into the 1'38's was not achievable. Considering this car started life as a production model S2000 and is still very much a tuning car, this lap time is impressive.

Thank you everybody for cheering us on! We are also grateful that there were no injuries during the event!



By: Voltex

World Time Attack Challenge
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When it comes to the Pro Classes at WTAC these days aerodynamics is by far the single biggest determining factor and the top teams go to great lengths to dial this in to the absolute limit. At this level one millimeter may be the difference between winning and losing!

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What car would you most like to see at WTAC?

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