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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Yashio Factory to contest WTAC 2024 Open Class

WTAC are thrilled to announce our first Japanese time attack competitor for 2024, Silvia legends Yashio Factory with owner Kazuyoshi Okamura in the driver's seat!

Okamura-san, or Oka-chan as he is lovingly known, has been a stalwart of the JDM scene since the late 90s, with his potent SR20DET builds quite easy to pick out in the crowd, surrounded by bright pink paint. He will be campaigning his S15 Nissan Silvia, the second demo car in his fleet.

Yashio Factory S15

With a wealth of race experience under his belt, Oka-chan has traditionally been recognised in drifting, however, under the radar, his second demo car has quietly been running time attack at various Japanese circuits for years. Dipping into the 56s at Tsukuba Circuit, it's a proven package that is getting a WTAC overhaul and upgrade to ensure he is competitive in the class.

Yashio Factory has earned widespread recognition predominantly in the drift scene including their renowned D1GP Silvia and various other race vehicles. This unique colour scheme has become a hallmark of the brand, distinguishing it within the racing community - Even Oka-chan's race suit is adorned in their signature hue, which will make him an easy spot in the WTAC pits!

Yashio Factory S15

If you'd like to support Yashio Factory and their first-ever journey to WTAC, they are currently selling WTAC Support apparel which will go towards their efforts in Sydney, this August! Visit: to purchase.

Yashio Factory will also be selling their very popular merchandise at WTAC, so be on the lookout on the ground to secure yourself some pink gear straight from the team!

We look forward to welcoming Oka-chan and Yashio Factory to WTAC, this 30-31 August 2024 at Sydney Motorsport Park!



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