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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Masashi Yokoi to Debut 1000HP 2JZ S14 at WTAC Sydney 2024

Hold onto your hats, Sydney! Drifting legend Masashi Yokoi is set to electrify the crowd at the upcoming World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC). Yokoi isn't coming empty handed – he'll be piloting a brand new, 1000HP fire-breathing 2JZ S14 Silvia, built to dominate the competition in the Garrett International Drifting Cup, both nights at WTAC 2024.

Nicknamed "The Zombie" for his relentless pursuit of victory, Yokoi is no stranger to pushing boundaries. A veteran of Japan's prestigious D1 Grand Prix series (He is a 3 time champion, and only the second to go back-to-back!) and a win in Formula Drift USA, Yokoi's aggressive style and unmatched focus have earned him a global legion of fans. Now, he sets his sights on Sydney with a weapon unlike any other.

Yokoi will be piloting a meticulously crafted MCR Factory S14, a drift purist's dream. Under the hood lies a freshly-built 2JZ-GTE engine, meticulously tuned by MJ.C to unleash a staggering 1072 horsepower. This powerhouse is further bolstered by a BC Stroker kit that expands its displacement to 3.4 litres, and a GCG G40-1150 turbocharger to keep the boost on tap. To ensure precise control over this mechanical beast, a Link ECU and Ignition Project system will be the brains of the operation.

Yokoi's new ride isn't just about raw power – it's a symphony of precision engineering. The suspension boasts a complete D-MAX setup, featuring their signature Aero kit, Power Arms, and custom-tuned suspension components. MCR Factory Knuckle adds to the responsive handling, while an ATS Limited Slip Differential ensures Yokoi can power out of corners with unmatched grip.

Forging a connection between driver and machine, a Bride seat and Vertex steering wheel provide the perfect interface. With a Project μ brake system and Radium Engineering fuel system ensuring Yokoi can push the limits with confidence. Even the finer details are addressed, with an Okubo Factory roof keeping the elements at bay, M.H.C. fittings for a touch of personalization, and a stunning AIROU paint job to complete the package.

The arrival of Masashi Yokoi and his MCR Factory S14 is a dream come true for Sydney drifting enthusiasts. This isn't just a car – it's a testament to Yokoi's dedication to the sport and his relentless pursuit of drifting perfection. With the roar of the engine and the screech of tyres, Yokoi is poised to write a new chapter in WTAC history, and Sydney is about to witness the birth of a drifting legend.

Get your tickets to WTAC 2024 now and don't miss out on an action-acked schedule on and off the track! See time attack and drift legends up close and in their natural habitat on track!



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