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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

D1NZ Champ Kase Pullen-Burry confirmed for Garrett International Drifting Cup!

Kase Pullen-Burry, you might not know the name yet, but when the lights come on and the Garrett International Drifting Cup hits the track both evenings of the World Time Attack Challenge, it won’t take you long to commit it to memory.

No other Kiwi drifter has ever made the impact this 19 year old has in such a short period, dominating the New Zealand development series by qualifying 1st 4 out of 5 rounds, and winning every event in 2023, before stepping up into the D1NZ Pro class and going on to record 2 round wins and the highest ever season points total (442 of max 570) for a 5 round season in 2024 on his way to being crowned New Zealands Drift King. His win streak at 7 rounds unbroken across both classes is likely to never be repeated. That’s 28 battles unbeaten for those who take a stats oriented view on things. 

The Pullen-Burry team will be bringing across the Tasman an 830hp 2JZ packing Nissan Silvia. The base is an s14 by model but updated to have the look of an s15 and sporting anything and everything you could want to sustain what many learned observers think is the most aggressive yet precise chase game ever seen in D1NZ. 

While some drivers are perhaps better battle drivers than precise qualifiers, Kase is well versed in both and you need to be fast to keep up because he will apply the blow torch in the chase.  Kase is known for being on his opponent’s door right from the green light, with the HRE built Nitto filled 2JZ making use of a BorgWarner EFR8474 to spin Tri-Ace semi slick rubber.  A G force 4 speed gear box swaps cogs mated to a twin plate direct clutch while ratios are managed by the now ever-present Winters rear diff. A Haltech Nexus ECU, Dash unit and PDM throughout completes the brains of the operation with tuning by JT Performance (the home of NZ's roll race king 40PSI)

Some Aussie drivers and fans will be familiar with Kase as he like many others spends time competing (successfully we might add) in the world of online drift and has just as many victories in that arena. 

We’ll leave the closing word to Kase himself, “It's just a dream come true ay, I’ve got no expectations and to be competing with some of the top drifters from around the world is pretty mean, can't wait!"

He might be quietly spoken, but grab a brew, sit back on the hill and watch, this Kiwi Kid will let his driving do the talking. 

The PB drift team are now looking for a few additional support partners to assist Kase with World Time Attack Challenge and beyond, contact the team via email teampbdrift@gmail for information.

*images care of and remain property of PERFK / Kerri Marreba 



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