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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Daigo Saito confirmed for WTAC Sydney in Monster 1000HP JZX100

Japanese drift ace Daigo Saito has confirmed entry into the 2024 Garrett International Drifting Cup with what is potentially one of his most insane builds ever: a methanol-fueled, 3.5-liter 2JZ-powered Toyota JZX100 producing 1,000 horsepower!

With a reputation for building some of the craziest drift cars on the planet, this particular car is right up there in the insane category. A huge amount of thought has been put into this build with the engine set back right into the firewall, making the big, long-wheelbase sedan an extremely balanced weapon with regard to weight distribution.

Speaking of weight, this once heavyweight Toyota now tips the scales at exactly 1,000kg, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 1.1: one horsepower per kilogram! Insane for a drift car!

The entire car is constructed of lightweight materials with 'speed holes' drilled in every conceivable place to eliminate any excess weight. Daigo is confident this is the ideal weapon for the long, flowing turns of Sydney Motorsport Park's North Circuit.

Daigo is without question one of the best competition drift drivers on the planet and the only driver to ever win both the Japanese D1GP championship and the American Formula Drift Championships. His flamboyant "no holds barred" driving style has seen him win a legion of fans worldwide. He assures us he is not only bringing the ultimate drift weapon to Sydney in August but will also have his A-game on as he looks to take the big trophy back to Japan!



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