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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Plazmaman Pro Am Goes OFF at WTAC 2023

The Plazmaman Pro Am class of the 2023 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge has been taken out by Feras Qartoumy. The Texan came to WTAC as a total newbie, but stamped his authority on the Plazmaman Pro Am class with a 1:27.016.

Heading into Day 2 the class was led by American Feras Qartoumy’s C6 Corvette, with Wayne Lee in the Tanuki S13 less than half a second off his bumper. Feras and the thundering twin-turbo 7-litre Z06 Corvette had never raced at Sydney Motorsport Park before WTAC so the learning curve has been steep.

“We don’t have anything like Turn 1 at home and, if you ruin Turn 1 you ruin the lap. So I ruin that every single time. The difference is the corners [at Sydney Motorsport Park] are a little bit slower, but are very long. It is a smaller track, but very technical and everything here is really late; it requires patience and I don’t have a lot of that! [laughs]”

By the lunch on Day 2, Richard Perini had his VR38-powered Ginetta G55 on song to climb into second place with a 1:27.527.

In an unfortunate turn of events the Tanuki S13 lost a wheel between turns 1 and 2, collecting the wall rear-first and knocking it out of both Plazmaman Pro Am for Wayne Lee, and Emtron Pro class for Tim Slade who was sharing the drive. Wayne’s 1:27.540 was enough to keep him in third, however.

Sitting just of the podium, Drew Hall’s Croydon Racing Developments R34 GT-R Skyline was also in the hunt with a 1:27.573. Unfortunately a cam sensor issue knocked him out of the shootout and he had to settle for fourth behind Tanuki.


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