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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

The Mighty Mouse Returns: Can the FWD King Reclaim its Throne?

The 2024 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) is about to get injected with a serious history lesson. After a hiatus that left petrolheads pining for more, the legendary Mighty Mouse CRX is roaring back to life! Mark your calendars, motorheads – the unassuming Honda that dominated the Pro-Am Class and set the standard for FWD platforms in time attack for years is ready to claw its way back to the top.

Remember, though, displacement isn't everything. The Mighty Mouse, under the masterful hand of Rob Nguyen, is a David amongst Goliaths. In its previous competition guide, this old-school Honda, meticulously transformed into a track weapon, boasts a supercharged K24 engine churning out over 600 horsepower. This lightweight powerhouse can carve corners with unmatched precision, leaving even the most seasoned drivers gasping for air.

The Mighty Mouse CRX set the time sheets ablaze before its hiatus with a 1:26.276 set in 2017, a mic drop to throw the challenge down to any who may try to follow in his trail. In 2024, we can look forward to this classic competitor receiving some additional upgrades to justify coming out of retirement. Immortalised already in the WTAC history books and even in pop culture through the Codemasters Grid video game, Rob and the Mighty Mouse will have a huge following supporting his comeback.

101 Motorsport return to the WTAC pits to run the CRX this year and with a refreshed Haltech-controlled JHH Racing heart between the front struts of the Mouse, you can be assured this has a secret power bump little to keep up with the new era of cars. Supported further by Momentum Motorsport and Oceania College, the Mouse is showing huge potential to not only reset the FWD record, but reset the class record entirely. A reported 40% increase in aero will assist the newly-shod Yokohama slicks reach their full potential around Sydney Motorsport Park.

But the competition won't be laying down red carpets. The Plazmaman Pro-Am Class has become a gladiatorial arena for automotive titans. Already confirmed for the class are two juggernauts who are serious contenders for the 2024 title; the fan-favourite Audi R8 1:1 ‘Fat Cat’ from FInland and the 2023 title-defender, Feras Qartoumy and his twin-turbo world-dominator Corvette, fresh off a successful trip to Tsukuba.

Can the legend live on? Can the roar of the underdog once again silence the doubters? The 2024 WTAC is about to witness a clash for the ages. Will the Mighty Mouse reclaim its throne, or will the Pro-Am Class witness a new king? Buckle up, racing enthusiasts, because this is a epic showdown you won't want to miss!

Get your tickets to WTAC 2024 now and don't miss out on an action-acked schedule on and off the track! See time attack and drift legends up close and in their natural habitat on track!



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