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WTAC 2024: 30TH - 31ST AUGUST

Tim Slade fights back in GCG Open Class

Last year Tim Slade led the GCG Open Class before engine issues sidelined the Xtreme GT-R, ending his 2022 WTAC. For 2023 the Xtreme GT-R is back with Tim and a new RB26 under the carbon bonnet and, this year, Tim feels it is much stronger and, with the tangible seriousness in the Xtreme GT-R garage, the chase for glory in 2023 is on like Donkey Kong!


Leading the GCG Open class, one of the most closely contested at World Time Attack Challenge, Tim is reaping the rewards of the new aero front and rear but was coy about other changes done to the R32 Skyline.

The new stroker 2.8L RB is breathing well with the Precision turbo as it sounds out of this world coming down the Brabham Straight. Tim said the driveability has also improved greatly over last year. So far Tim has run a 1:27.558 to lead Open.

As he’s also piloting the Tanuki S13 in the Emtron Pro class for 2023, Tim has found doubling duties can be a two-edged sword as it makes his schedule extremely tight. “To go from one car to the other and hope you remember the systems takes a lot; it is doable but is demanding,” he says.

Tim won’t have it all his own way in GCG Open class as the 2022 winner, Nathan Morcom in the GAS Evo, is back and keen to take another win. As of Friday afternoon, the margin between first and second in class is just 0.54sec!



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